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Richard van der Veen coaching Yachtmaster sail training course


Yachtmaster instructor Richard van der Veen driving Class 40 racing yacht

As a professional sailor I feel very fortunate with the wide experience

I have gained over my 60 years sailing-career.

  • Co-owner and chief instructor of RYA Training Center AtlanticSailing

  • Clipperaroundtheworld training skipper

  • 15 years as freelance Yachtmaster Instructor

  • Skipper/coach on large private sailing yachts

  • Highly successful Yachtmaster exam instructor (94% pass rate)

  • Inshore and offshore racing

  • Serial yacht ownership

With the feedback, reviews and testimonials I have received it seems

that my work and approach are well respected and appreciated. My

approach is based on:

  • Experience and expertise

  • Passion

  • Structure and proces management

  • Empowerment and inclusiveness

  • And  according to my clients, a lot of patience

With the closure of Atlantic Sailing and the start of SailingwithRichard

I can offer a variety of sailing and training options. 

The selection of the different locations and boats is based on my

personal preference,and I hope I can take you along with this exciting

new step in my professional sailing career.

For those new to sailing I will create a safety based but also

fun environment to introduce you to the beauty of my passion.

I will help the more experienced sailors to improve on safety awareness,

practical skills and boat/crew management



Training programs with Richard


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